Karam Al-Sinjaree

B.A in Business Management, The French Lebanese University
National Geographic Photographer. I was awarded many local & international awards.
I worked in many International Human Rights organizations
Irepresented Iraq in many international events such as the International Youth Forum, Egypt 2018, UN Arab Youth Conference, Dubai 2019.
I am currently a DRC advisor.

Dhary Qays

-Bachelor Degree in Environmental sciences
-Photographer with many local exhibitions
-I worked in many international organizations
I am currently a postgraduate student, College of Environmental Sciences, University of Mosul.

Saad Al-wazzan

B.A in Computer Sciences, University of Mosul
Social Activist& Blogger
9 years of experience in education field
Worker in International Organizations

Ahmed Al-Obaidy

B.A in Civil Engineering
Founder & CEO of Tameer Construction Bureau
Civil Activist & Blogger
Human Relief Activist during Mosul Liberation Battle
Modern Civil Engineering Activist

Ayman Al-Araji

- Programmer, Mosul University Presidency
- B.A in Computer Sciences, University of Mosul
- Blogger & Civil Activist
-Co-Founder of Ninawa Awalan Volunteer Team
- Public Events & Festivals Organizer
- Peace & Coexistence Activist

Ammar Salah Sami Aljaddir
Born in Mosul, 1984
B.A, University of Mosul, College of Agriculture & Forestry
High Diploma, Florence University, Italy.
Member of the National Program of Wheat Development in Iraq, Ministry of Agriculture

Kais Saeed

Computer & Telecommunication engineer
Cofounder of Nainawa Awalan volunteer team.
Civil Activist & Blogger
International NGO Advisor

Ali Y. Al-Baroodi

M.A in Translation, University of Mosul
Photographer & Blogger